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7 strokes to teach you refuse STD ridden!

Sexually transmitted diseases, all called sexually transmitted diseases. STD is the English abbreviation for sexually transmitted diseases. Sexually transmitted diseases is sexual contact as the main mode of transmission of a group of diseases. International will be more than 20 kinds of sexual behavior by sex or similar infectious diseases caused by sexually transmitted diseases be included areas.

How to protect themselves from sexually transmitted diseases? Hospital experts are as follows:

(1) If you can wait to have sex, you wait.

(2) Please be careful, and more and more people engage in unprotected sex, the more likely to sexually transmitted diseases.

(3) engage in vaginal, anal intercourse or oral sex should use condoms throughout plus spermicide. Remember the principle: one for each sex, we need to engage in safer sex.

(4) and pay attention to symptoms. If the penis, vagina or anus inside or around the surface of any unusual discharge, wounds, impetigo, wound swelling, lumps, itching or pain, acid, or if that may be infected with a sexually transmitted diseases, sexual person, then Please go to a doctor for check-ups. If there is any doubt, do check is always a wise thing. Meanwhile, the first stop sexual activity.

(5) the symptoms should see a doctor promptly, otherwise the infection will become increasingly worse, it may have been transmitted to another person. Can not know the condition there are multiple, life-threatening infection of some symptoms of infection may be as mild as only a doctor can determine what is wrong diagnosis. There are many hospitals in complete secrecy under the circumstances to do inspection and testing. In addition to having a sexual relationship and who should tell him, other people will not know you're infected with a sexually transmitted disease. Please check the phone book or checking the city or state health department to see if there do confidential testing and treatment.

(6), if sexually active, please have regular medical examinations. As may be a sexually transmitted disease and have never had any signs, so please do not wait to do when checking that there were problems. Please plan to at least one or two inspections a year to determine the uninfected. Women should do breast and pelvic annual inspection, during pelvic examination before, do not wash the vagina, sexual activity or use any vaginal medical treatment, which doctors will be more difficult to check that the infection of the vaginal discharge. If the test results indicate a sexually transmitted disease infection, please inform your partner so that he or she received treatment, so that each will not repeat infection.

(7), please say so on the medical situation. Feel free to find a doctor or make other health workers, and then check the people completely honest. Tell your doctor if any symptoms, it is not only a sexual relationship with a person, whether engaged in vaginal, anal intercourse or oral sex, whether the injection of drugs, or that there was pregnant. Many STD symptoms may be mistaken for other diseases, if doctors do not provide all the information, you may not get the right treatment. Please remember: doctors do not want to come to judgments, but rather to the treatment, so do not because of embarrassment refused to truthfully. If a doctor really feel embarrassed, then choose another other doctors.

How to catch STD's "signal"?

About sexually transmitted diseases, some people think that as long as you maintain a clean liver, not in the normal sexual life outside marriage, free or reckless behavior will not be infected with sexually transmitted diseases. In fact, this is one of the sexually transmitted diseases a mistake in understanding. Sexually transmitted diseases is sexual contact as the main mode of transmission of a group of diseases, but it is not only transmitted through sexual contact, there is indirect contact transmission, and blood-borne transmission, mother to child transmission, iatrogenic transmission and so on. Therefore, we should always pay attention to in everyday life, to prevent infection.

So, once sexually transmitted diseases, the features which it will appear? Hefei Kowloon hospital urology experts pointed out that the symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases, not only in private office, sometimes manifested in the hands or eyes and other parts, so take some "clues" might STD diagnosis and better help.

STD signal of skin or mucous membrane damage occurs

If the external genitalia, such as the foreskin of the penis or glans coronary sulcus office, or anus, hands, eyelids, lips, tongue, throat, etc., erythema, papules, induration, blisters, erosions and ulcers may suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. Such as: painful ulcers may be chancroid, a single painless ulcer may be a syphilis chancre; a burning pain or clusters may be genital herpes blisters; itching, redness, erosion, with white cheese-like discharge The beads may contain bacteria disease; painless nipple-like, cauliflower verrucous vegetation may be pointed condyloma; wax-like umbilical concavity is molluscum contagiosum papules over; Yin Yang, pubic hair has gray-black nodules and see the moves of the lice is pubic lice disease.

STD signal 2, urinary tract symptoms

If the first part of the urethra with mild thermal, flow within the urethra abnormal discharge, or there is frequent urination, urgent micturition, dysuria, hematuria, dysuria and other symptoms is not the end, they may suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. Such as: large and thick purulent urethral discharge may see is gonorrhea; only white thin mucus may be non-gonococcal urethritis; only a small amount early in the morning or after urination secretions, and even squeeze the urethra or only see a small gray mucus purulent discharge may be prostatitis; appear urinary frequency, urgency, urination, pain and urethra with burning sensation, or even abnormal or persistent erection penis may be acute gonorrhea; urethra with urinary points arising from inflammatory adhesions fork such as the fountain-like, it may be sub-acute gonorrhea.

STD signal 3, inguinal lymph nodes

If the lymph nodes may be chancroid soft pain of more cross-Xuan; than hard light pain may be sexually transmitted lymphogranuloma; hard and painless may be syphilis; systemic lymph node swelling may be persistent lymph node syndrome, chronic AIDS.

In addition, anorectal pain, inflammation, constipation, rectal discharge, tenesmus, and fever may be sexually transmitted diseases or genital herpes.

Sexual confusion aroused, "stroke"

Gender Tips

Chen Xiong (a pseudonym) is a talented salesman, running back and forth all year round in Shanghai and Guangzhou. He has great body feel good the last two years. Things have to start with from two years ago:

A weekend morning, Chen Xiong suddenly felt numb toes and end there, but it did not attract his attention, so it does not go to the doctor, and behold, this numbness on the spread of even Laborers; Six months later, he felt his knees the following parts are numbness, leg weakness, and the emergence of dizziness, diplopia. This time, he felt something bad, then went to the hospital and was diagnosed as "cerebral insufficiency", with "Danshen injection" and other treatment, no improvement of symptoms.

Lower extremity numbness and weakness can not be diagnosed for many years

After a few months, Chen Xiong feel more serious: the following parts from the groin felt weak, short legs with paroxysmal pain. More obvious at night, gradually increasing the frequency, pain intensity gradually increased. He went to a local hospital in orthopedics, neurology, ophthalmology department visits, do not come to firm conclusions. The results, also did not receive any effective treatment. Then, after a few months, Chen Xiong feel the body is getting worse: the legs numbness, weakness, ataxia, lower limb pain and other symptoms of paroxysmal increase, and the emergence of the left eye pupil expansion, the drooping eyelid. Family that he was "a stroke", and immediately took him to hospital treatment brain. After examination, diagnosed as "spinal tuberculosis." But by using "dexamethasone" and other drug treatment, the condition did not improve. Doctors advised him to go to the last male subjects for further treatment.

Cause was originally syphilitic tabes

When asked about illness, Chen Xiong told the doctor, he has been nearly a month impotence, and mild dysuria and abdominal distention. The doctor asked him, vulva (genital) area have been specific symptoms? About three years ago, he said there had been a penis, pea large induration, was self-limiting.

Repeatedly asked the doctors, he said frankly, he does marketing work for six years, during which as physical needs, looked a lot, "Miss."

The doctor told him to do a blood test and the Treponema pallidum hemagglutination tests, the results of syphilis rapid plasma reagin test (RPR) was positive, Treponema pallidum hemagglutination (TPHA) were positive. In combination with other symptoms, and finally was diagnosed as a "syphilitic tabes."

Neurosyphilis syphilitic tabes about 1 / 3, the slow onset, more syphilis infection occurred in 20 to 25 years, commonly 50 to 60 age group. Mainly lumbosacral nerve roots and spinal cord damage caused by degeneration of the posterior funiculus. The former showed lower limbs lightning pain, paresthesia, or feel diminished tendon reflexes, decreased muscle tone, urinary retention, urinary incontinence and impotence; the latter is caused by deep sensory disturbance, resulting in ataxia and other symptoms. Early in the disease, slow pupillary light response, there may be optic atrophy and late visceral crisis, etc.. Chen Xiong more typical symptoms of spinal tuberculosis after admission, the doctors give him a small dose of prednisone acetate and small doses of penicillin treatment, and then given large doses of penicillin solution, combined with other drugs. Shortly after treatment, lightning pain quickly disappeared, lower limb weakness, numbness, pain subsided gradually disappear by the proximal to distal. Then after a period of anti-syphilis treatment, he recovered the hospital. Since then, Chen Xiong's disease has not appeared again.

Disease and long-term history of the disorder

Chen Xiong history of short, rapid onset, rapid progression of the disease, which is different from the past, awareness of syphilitic tabes. He had a long history of sexual promiscuity, and have had Peyronie's history, but did not attach importance to, and have not been syphilis screening and treatment. Neurological symptoms and double vision, the long-term in many hospital, unable to identify the causes, treatment ineffective. This shows that sexually transmitted diseases and high risk patients should go to regular hospitals, Department of Dermatology for syphilis serology screening and monitoring, as well as early detection and early treatment to prevent neural syphilis and other syphilis caused by the occurrence of serious system damage. For the sexual confusion of young people, if there is unexplained neurological or psychiatric symptoms and signs, should take into account the possibility of neurosyphilis. Of course, in order to fundamentally prevent such diseases, or to keep his nose clean. For the sexual confusion of young people, if there is unexplained neurological or psychiatric symptoms and signs, should take into account the possibility of neurosyphilis.

Licorice AIDS drug hope

Recent study found that licorice is not only good medicine for the prevention but also treatment of AIDS. This is a great boon for patients with the disease.

Chinese licorice root, also known as sugar beet, honey grass, grass. Is a leguminous plant that grows in sunny dry calcareous grassland on land and river banks in sandy soil. The main producing distributed in the northeast, northwest, north area, Siberia and the Urals region has produced. China husbandry Hangjinqi licorice produced by the best quality. Ancient Chinese medical scientists in clinical practice for thousands of years has always been good at using licorice. Chinese medicine theory: liquorice and sweet, flat, hepatic, spleen, lung, it can reconcile the various drugs, attending internal organs dispelling pathogenic wind, five suffer fatal injuries to lungs and detoxification, and the priorities. The role of licorice is very broad, mainly anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-convulsant, anti-tumor, analgesic, diuretic and other effects.

According to laboratory analysis, made in China, 18 kinds of licorice, which contains glycyrrhizin accounted for 3.63 to 13.06%. In addition, it also contains water soluble, reducing sugar, starch, gum and other ingredients. Among these ingredients, the active ingredient is glycyrrhizin AIDS. Glycyrrhizin treatment of AIDS is extracted from the licorice out. Now Japan is from Afghanistan, Iran and other places a lot of licorice imported raw materials used to extract glycyrrhizin.

According to test tube experiments, in HIV-infected cells, 0.25 mg of glycyrrhizin per ml, cell survival can still survive; but without the glycyrrhizin-infected cells were almost dead.

Clinical trial results have been confirmed. 4 on the Tokyo hospital of seven AIDS patients into glycyrrhizin, 6 patients significantly effect: increased immune activity, immune function had resumed, the condition is improving.

Glycyrrhizin extraction easy, simple process, lower drug prices. Licorice low toxicity, side effects. Long-term large doses, about 20% of possible edema, limb weakness, dizziness, high blood pressure and other symptoms. Proper use, these side effects are expected to avoid.

Condyloma can run to his mouth

Condyloma by human papillomavirus (HPV) caused by infectious diseases. There are dozens of HPV types, different types of HPV cause rashes of different predilection sites and features, such as HPV16, HPV18, HPV58 and cervical condyloma and the occurrence of uterine cancer, while HPV6, HPV11, HPV16 and oral condyloma the occurrence. HPV easy to warm moist parts of the body growth and reproduction, so the external genitalia, perianal warts and other parts is the predilection site.

Condyloma mainly sexually transmitted diseases form can also be through the public baths, swimming pools, toilet and other indirect infection. As the disease occur in the genital and perianal Department, also called condyloma acuminatum or genital condyloma. But there are a small portion of patients, the rash occurs in the mouth, toes, or armpit, etc.. Survey shows low incidence of oral warts. It has been on 318 patients with condyloma morbidity statistics on the disease found only in the oral cavity 3. But outside in a variety of genital condyloma in the incidence of oral warts is the highest, if someone outside the statistical genital condyloma a group of 51 patients, found that 26 was born in the oral cavity, accounting for 51%.

The clinical manifestations of oral condyloma: Abnormalities in and around the tongue tie, rash uplift papillary, cauliflower-like, the chicken or the cobblestone-like appearance of coronal, mung bean to bean size, clear boundary, the number ranging from 1 to 10 . Multi-color light red rash or a bright red, easy to touch the bleeding. Under the microscope, shows diffuse parakeratosis epidermis, and showed papilloma hyperplasia, acanthosis cell was hypertrophic, vacuoles cells, dermal superficial telangiectasia and chronic inflammatory cells.

Although oral condyloma condyloma small proportion of the total, but a higher incidence of condyloma acuminata, so the experts remind us, as in recent years gradually increased the number of sexual misconduct and sexual diversity of ways, the incidence of oral warts can not be ignored. The prevention of this disease the most effective way to keep his nose clean, to prevent extra-marital sex, should also develop good health habits. Once the disease clues to early medical treatment was not to bungled condition.

You do not know about sexually transmitted diseases, open to the public

Is generally believed that the spread of sexually transmitted diseases through unclean sexual intercourse, such as syphilis, gonorrhea, condyloma, etc., diseases are manifested in the genitals. In actual fact, some sexually transmitted diseases can also occur on the genital organs other than some very vulnerable to misdiagnosis. Here let us look at the hidden within the human body, sexually transmitted diseases other than genital.

1, gonococcal mouth, throat diseases,

Recently, doctors found a young man from the diagnosis and treatment of oral hard palate was found on a few bean size of vegetation, surface uneven, cauliflower-like protuberances, confirmed by the Department of condyloma. Another young woman, throat swelling, tonsil increased, no effect of treatment in accordance with pharyngitis. Pus in the pharynx for bacterial culture tests, the only confirmed gonorrhea mischief. After history taking, these young men and women have had oral sex and other sexual behavior.

2, gonococcal eye disease

More for adult patients when their fingers Rouyan successor in the eyes; children by parents or nanny-type infection; baby because birth Multiple birth canal caused by infection. Were mainly as follows: eyelid swelling, conjunctival hyperemia, ocular surface flakes pseudomembranous formation. At first, eyes turned red visible discharge of water samples or blood flow, 45 days after the eyelid swelling reduced, replaced by a purulent discharge from the palpebral fissure in, do not rub the net. Secretion check a large number of Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

3, rectal syndrome

It is a group of tenesmus, defecation pain, itching, mucus stool main symptoms of the disease. Microscopy shows that rectal mucosa rectal erythema, ulcers. Multiple sexual intercourse in gay history of rectal, few are reproductive tract infections gonococcus, the anus and rectum by their secretions caused by pollution. Mostly gonorrheal pathogen, Treponema pallidum, Chlamydia trachomatis, simply Chuangzhen virus.

4, gonococcal arthritis

The researchers found that patients with septic arthritis in adults, 40% to 60% is due to gonorrheal infection. The disease is characterized by the involved joint asymmetry. Multi-joint disease, arthritis, skin erythema before the pustules or foot tenosynovitis such as performance. 80% of patients can be from the cervix, rectum, urethra, or throat cultured Neisseria gonorrhoeae.

5, venereal perihepatitis

There is a clinically manifested severe right upper quadrant pain, tenderness and rebound tenderness, with fever, lower abdominal pain and other symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease, but no hepatomegaly. Acute abdomen without jaundice. After laparotomy the liver performance of the bloody effusion, acute inflammatory changes, by testing the pathogen is gonorrhea, chlamydia or mycoplasma and chlamydia. This disease is sexually transmitted pathogens, spread to the liver caused by the blood. Some people also showed cardiac pericarditis, pneumonia.

Random "sex" is really unfriendly

Experts point out that STDs are mainly transmitted by sexual contact, so all can encourage sexual promiscuity and the spread of sexually transmitted infection, including extra-marital sex, rape, incest, sexual abuse, prostitution, Observations on, such as homosexuality and promiscuous behavior , can increase the chance of spreading sexually transmitted diseases, especially prostitution, Observations on, homosexuality and promiscuity of more dangerous.

Prostitution, Observations on men and women is actually a commercial promiscuity, prostitution of women and a considerable portion of clients with sexually transmitted diseases, sexually transmitted is a very important source of infection. Because these women in prostitution to sexually transmitted diseases through sexual promiscuity to clients, while their clients are infected with sexually transmitted diseases has spread to new sexual companion or spouse, not only in the community, but also cause a spread in the family. Therefore, the extent of the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and prostitution of women is closely related to growth and decline, especially prostitutes, clients suffering from sexually transmitted diseases, the situation is more directly related to sexually transmitted diseases.

Gay and Kouyin other abnormal sexual behavior, but also promote the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, especially against big gay. Homosexuality mainly refers to anal sex between men. Through anal sex, gay men, semen into the anal canal, semen allergy can occur not only caused by changes in immune function, but also increase the opportunities for sexually transmitted diseases.

Promiscuous sexual rogue activities and may facilitate the spread of sexually transmitted diseases epidemic. Its performance for multiple or group of men and women Sihun together, gang rape, group accommodation, mutual obscene, turns to rape each other and play in the pursuit of sexual pleasure and animal for the purpose of sexual gratification, not only corrupt social values, serious damage to social order, and likely to cause the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.